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The 10 Minute Business Case Selling Web Tool for Channel Sales

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Business case selling is the ability to demonstrate the revenue enhancement, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and ROI that will be generated with the use of your product or service.   Selling these benefits in a general way is relatively easy and well understood by your target customer.   However, the hard part is providing a specific financial justification customized to your target customer’s business needs, which is what most buyers require to issue a PO. Doing this effectively requires an understanding of your customer’s current costs, a method to itemize and forecast the benefits, and a calculation of the benefits that result from implementing your product or service. This is where web-enabled business case selling tools fill the gap and help channel reseller sales executives close more deals.

The Dream of Your Reseller Sales Executives:  

I need a business case woman with sign image 6-25-14

Any good reseller sales executive can sell the general benefits of your solution including lower costs, improved efficiency, and improved revenue.   But the financial justification that most purchasing departments require go well beyond simple benefit statements. Professional buyers are looking for a thoughtful, detailed and customized business case justification to go along with any significant purchase order request to present for executive approval.   Additionally many purchase decisions require multiple layers of review and approval, and business case justifications can help streamline these processes.

Even the best sales executive is not trained and fluent in building a financial model and cross-functional benefit summary of your product or service for individual customers. This process takes time and requires thoughtful analysis.   Your reseller sales team needs a tool to help them deliver a professional business case with a simple and guided process.

How a Web-Based Business Case Building Tool Works:

A business case builder tool is designed as an interactive web-based questionnaire to guide the reseller sales executive and the end customer through a configuration process. It allows them to select and configure the product / service features and define the implementation options. This is followed by the identification and quantification of the benefit categories for the end customer.

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Web tools that put business case selling at the fingertips of your reseller sales executives and end customers will dramatically shorten sales cycles and improve close rates. They can be set up to include all product options to be selected, benefit categories identified, algorithms and logic pre-programmed and ROI calculation process defined. All that is required is a consultative session between the reseller sales executive and the end customer to answer the questions and generate a customized business case for the prospective customer.

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The design of this type of business case selling module makes it as easy as possible for the reseller sales executive to be successful.   This tool can turn modestly trained sales representatives into sophisticated business advisory / consultative selling executives.   They will be able to overcome objections, make a strong case to purchase now, and close more deals sooner.

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