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Six A’s Channel Audit

Successful Channels Six A’s Audit:

Welcome to the online audit tool of your channel to identify strength and improvement opportunity areas for accelerating your channel revenue. This free online audit will ask you simple questions about your current channel management practices and you’ll get an immediate performance score for your organization. There are separate audits for each of the six A’s of channel success and you can take one or all of them. They take about 1 minute per category to complete.
final logoStart a Personalized Audit of One or All the “A’s” of Your Channel Strategy

Start Audit Attract the best resellers
Start Audit Advance your reseller’s sales
Start Audit Activate inactive resellers
Start Audit Award to motivate growth
Start Audit Advertise to drive more revenue
Start Audit Architect your channel technology
What you can do right now on

  1. Click the “Start Audit” button below
  2. If you have not yet registered on, you’ll be asked to create a new account
  3. Select which categories you’d like to audit / assess yourself or your firm
  4. Respond to the six questions about your channel practices forch of the selected Six A categories
  5. Immediately access your performance report compared to our database of your peer channel executives
  6. Complete all sections you like and view your consolidated report
  7. Receive an email containing your audit results