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Whitepaper on Attracting the Best Channel Partners


Attracting channel partners starts with an understanding of your reseller’s needs and motivations to succeed. Many of the best channel partners started their business because of their passion for technology, services and/ or deep industry expertise. More often than not they are relying on this expertise and their industry connections to help carry their business. Overall, what channel partners (i.e., resellers, agents, etc.) are looking for is the following:

What Channel Partners Want Most:

  • A product roadmap from their vendors
  • A competitive advantage in the market
  • A vision for where the market is going and how they can lead
  • A superior offering that can win in competitive situations
  • A vendor that can help build their reputation as a leader

The best channel partners like to look longer term and get on a path to success with vendors that can help that them get there. Vendors that can demonstrate strong insights into the drivers of the market and where it is going are very relevant to channel partners.


Channel Partners look for vendors that:

  1. Can help lead the market and define a clear path to success. This includes a vendor with a well-defined product roadmap that aligns with the future of your segment.
  2. Have clear strengths in the market including tangible product differentiation and brand reputation advantage. They highly value a visionary brand with a strong point of difference that they can use to help differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


A large part of a channel partner’s reputation in the market is “borrowed equity” from the vendors they represent. They are looking to take the best of the vendors equity and augment that with their unique expertise and services capabilities and build a 1+1=5 proposition for their local market.

Even if you do have all of the above, the key is packaging your communications from the channel partner’s point of view. For example, it is good to demonstrate your product’s superiority, market vision and competitive advantages, but it is much better and more compelling to highlight how your (vendor) brand along side your partner’s industry and functional expertise creates a winning combination in the local market. That will dramatically improve the attractiveness of your brand for most channel partners.

Download the rest of this whitepaper here to learn more about attracting channel partners.

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