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Channel Indecision Neurosis

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Public companies are sometimes their own worst enemy when it comes to helping their indirect channel succeed. Channel executives are under intense quarter-to-quarter pressure to deliver revenue and earnings growth and often make decisions, without even realizing, that undermine their channel strategy. The worst thing a channel executive can do is not decide what comes next. Withholding channel budgets, channel policies, and channel growth strategies because of the uncertainty of earnings and revenue goal tracking is the fastest way to put your entire channel “on the shelf”. Reseller executives are not going to act and invest in suppliers that give mixed signals about their intentions and strategies. This uncertainty is particularly debilitating to resellers because they don’t want to make their business success subject to fickle channel executives who are not revealing the true future of their company’s intentions.

It takes courage and fortitude in times of uncertainty to provide assurance to your channel resellers of a consistent path forward. The best strategy is to be as forthcoming as possible with your indirect channel so they can plan and invest accordingly. This proactive, over-communication approach will make sure that your resellers are not caught off guard and will build their trust to continue to invest and support your business.

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