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Your Channel Resellers Expect a Say in your Business Strategy


Long gone are the days where your channel resellers accepted whatever products, services, pricing and policies you presented to them.   They all have 3-5 alternatives brands available to choose from in virtually any category and are only going to accept your offer only if it aligns with their business strategy.  Resellers will do only what is in their best interest and select and work with the brands and products that complement their value proposition.   Channel savvy companies recognize that their resellers are on the front line representing their brand and are a key customer and influencer in the market -acceptance of your solution.  These channel savvy companies actively work with their reseller network to elicit input, provide feedback on business strategies in the earlier stages of development, and work hard to ensure that the reseller’s voice is heard in all product, strategy, and policy discussions.

Providing your resellers with multiple opportunities to have influence on your strategy will not only build their commitment to your brand but it will make your market strategy even stronger.  Actively hosting product visioning work-sessions with your channel resellers will refine point-of-difference requirements for your products while also gain higher reseller ownership of your strategy.  Facilitating the organization of communities among your active resellers will serve to share needs and better define the market success requirements for your brand.  Do your best to hold down the opinions that you should not share strategy with your resellers because they’ll immediately share it with your competitors.  Your long term success is tied to your organization’s ability to build relationships, developed innovative solutions and execute better than your competitors.  This won’t be possible if your strategy is kept hidden from your resellers until it becomes a fait accompli.

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