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How to Make your Channel Resellers Pricing and Profitability Experts

How to Make your Channel Resellers Pricing and Profitability Experts

Make your Channel Resellers Pricing and Profitability Experts

You can make your channel resellers pricing and profitability experts – and help them accelerate your brand’s sales in the process. Your resellers are on the front line with your target customers and experience pricing and margin pressure on a daily basis. They welcome any help suppliers can provide to develop pricing and packaging strategies that will make their offer more competitive while also maintaining an attractive margin. This is achieved not by recommending pricing, but providing tools, training, and support to your resellers to help them package their products, analyze costs, and develop differentiated packaging and services strategies to effectively compete in their local market.

Your channel resellers are not pricing and profitability management experts. They need help developing pricing strategies that are based on accurate cost analysis, market factors, and product and service bundling strategies. This help can be delivered with little work from your reseller account team if they are armed with a good set of tools and support. Pricing scenario tools should be designed to help resellers estimate cost of goods sold for product and associated services and calculate profitability of a new deal. They can also be designed to add in a range of reseller-delivered services to further differentiate their offering and make it even more difficult for the buyer to make apples-to-apples comparisons of competitive proposals. Excel or online tools can be setup and configured to be easy-to-use and require minimal training. Even your reseller account team with a modest amount of support can review and train your resellers on how to use these pricing and profitability calculators to help resellers improve their competitiveness.

Helping your resellers with pricing and profitability analysis is a disguised way to help them with their product and services packaging strategy. Resellers succeed based on their domain expertise, local knowledge, and deep customer relationships. Pricing and profitability analysis tools help them leverage these strengths and develop differentiated, competitive and profitable offerings for their local market.

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