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A New Channel Selling Model: Web-Enabled Selling Tools


The traditional indirect channel growth model starts with attracting the best resellers, training them on your products and programs, and incenting them sell your solution to their customers. Unfortunately, this approach has a fatal flaw. It requires your resellers to invest time, energy and effort in training themselves on your products and how to sell in your market. Training experts will tell you that students forget 80 percent of what they learn a few days after completing any training program. The new selling model does not depend on a fully fluent, trained, and knowledgeable channel sales force. The new channel selling model provides real time web-based tools to deliver professional customer engagement and training in the same system. This serves as a just-in-time refresher for the channel sales executive, and guides the prospect through a trusted-advisor style buying process to increase close rates.

Examples of the New Model for Real-Time Web-Enabled Channel Selling Tools:



1) Progressive Channel Reseller Business Simulation and ROI Tool:

Tool Objective:To help candidate resellers model the investment, revenue, cost, and ROI impact of adding your brand to their services portfolio.

How it Works:The tool is designed to collect inputs from candidate resellers on their current staffing, cost and investment model. A customized business P&L, profitability analysis, and ROI report is then generated in real time based on these inputs. This allows resellers to look objectively at their costs, staffing, and revenue potential and generate a reasonably accurate ROI for the addition of a new line of business. The report is emailed directly to the prospect / web tool-taker. The tool takes the web visitor 10 minutes to complete and it can be executed on a self-service basis but may have better results if it is done collaboratively with the Reseller Account Manager and the Reseller.

2) Progressive Sales Prospect Business Case Selling Tool:

Tool Objective: To help a target customer create a customized business case / ROI for purchasing a product or service that is specific to the customer’s organization.
How it Works: Prospective customers are presented with a set of qualifying questions about their business needs and requirements to help define the appropriate solution. Conditional follow-up questions are then presented to further qualify and define the exact solution and impact this solution will have on cost reduction, productivity improvements, business differentiation, and / or accelerated revenue and profitable growth. Once all the questions have been answered, a customized solution report is automatically created including an ROI calculation and summary of quantifiable business improvement impacts.
Prospects receive a customized report that specifies their requirements, needs that are fulfilled, and the quantified business impacts from this solution (e.g., cost reduction, productivity improvements, differentiation levels, and / or revenue growth). This tool also takes between 10-20 minutes to complete and is available on a self-service or a moderated basis with the reseller sales executive and the prospective customer.

3) Progressive Sales Prospect Strategy Blueprint Development Tool:


Tool Objective: To help a target customer plan business investments and forecast the impact of these improvements on costs, revenues, productivity, and ROI.
How it Works: This web-based tool helps target customers assess their current business strategy, and develop an improved plan with the integration of your service. Target customers enter information about their business requirements, plans, and goals. Customers then receive an auto-generated, customized improvement plan that includes the integration of your solution into their business strategy for achieving better results.

All three web-enabled selling tools take between 10 to 20 minutes to complete, and may be administered on a self-serve basis. However, best results are achieved when the reseller sales executive or account manager guides the potential target customer through the tools.

The new channel selling model integrates training, selling, lead progression, and proposal development in one integrated process. It becomes an enabler for intelligent and trusted-advisor selling, and provides prescriptive plans and proposals for target customers. It also gives confidence and control to the reseller sales executives who are on the sales front line to help them succeed and accelerate profitable revenue growth.

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