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Download a Tech Partner Cloud Profitability Roadmap

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Doesn’t it seem like technology partners / resellers are the ones that got the short end of the stick in the industry’s move to cloud services? All the other players in the market (e.g., tech vendors, distributors, & tech buyers) had the least amount of change required to adapt to the new cloud-delivered services model. Gary Morris, CEO of Successful Channels, has completed a study of technology industry economics and has developed a tech partner / reseller success and profitability paper that was recently presented at the Cloud Visionaries conference in San Francisco. This paper represents a universal guide for cloud partners, resellers, and agents to transition to a more successful and profitable hybrid cloud business model.


Download this indispensable roadmap to help your tech partners and resellers achieve greater success and profits


Cloud Profitability

The most difficult road to success in the tech industry is where partners and resellers literally have to reinvent their business structure to ensure their future viability and profitability.  It almost seems unfair that partners have to be the ones to change the most to succeed in the new cloud-delivered IT services world.  

Implications for Tech Buyers:   (Easier)

  • Minimal hardware or software requirements
  • Buy only what is required when the need arises
  • Dramatically simplify provisioning of new services for users

Implications for Technology Vendors / Suppliers:  (Easier)

  • New scalable and profitable business model
  • Great opportunities to grow and penetrate new markets
  • Easier to build differentiation in the market

Implications to Partner / Resellers / Agents:  (More Difficult)

  • Dramatic reduction in revenue per deal until significant account penetration is achieved
  • Need to move more resources into marketing and inside sales to achieve scale
  • Need to change staffing model from high cost sales & engineering to lower cost sales & services
  • Need for new cash resources to fund the transition to the new model

All players in the tech industry seem to win in the cloud customer adoption process with the exception of tech partner / resellers.   That is not to say that partner / resellers cannot win, but they have more change, hassle, and profit risk than any other player in this industry transition to cloud-delivered services.  Tech partner’s and reseller’s move to cloud services hits them on multiple levels including cash, sales, and services.

Moving Fast to the Cloud

To avoid the significant pitfalls from partner / reseller transition to a new cloud-delivered services model, they need to make significant changes to their business model.  Changes include modifying a partner’s product portfolio, increasing marketing investment levels, and changes to the types of sales and services staffing employed to support this new business.

Hybrid Cloud Partner Model

This breakthrough paper prepared by Successful Channels outlines all the following to help your partners effectively transition to a growing cloud services model. 

Key Tech Partner Cloud Profitability Roadmap Paper (Download) Take-Aways:

  • Partner Empathy:   You’ll have a renewed appreciation for the difficulty of the transition that your partners have to go through to succeed with cloud services business models
  • Partner Enablement Tools:   You’ll learn about 10 minute partner scorecarding and profitability modelling tools to help guide your partners with transitioning their business to a hybrid cloud model
  • Partner Strategy:   You’ll get new insights into how to help your partners build a growth strategy that will get them to accelerated profitability
  • Partner Transition Assistance:  You’ll get a good idea of the types of training and support you can provide your partners to help them adapt more quickly to the new realities of the market

Your partners / resellers / agents need your help now more than ever to make this transition to a hybrid cloud model.  If you do it right, this is an opportunity to cement their loyalty and commitment to your brand and win many more long term advocates for your business.


Download this indispensable roadmap to help your tech partners and resellers achieve greater success and profits


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