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Expect your Resellers to Understand what is Expected of Them


With the rate of personnel turnover in the channel corporate ranks, your long-term resellers know more about certain aspects of their supplier’s business than the executives themselves. They also have very (very) long memories of what our organization may have done right or wrong. “I can remember 15 years ago when your company took leads away from us and gave them to the company sales team” or “I’ll never forget when they changed our comp plan and reduced renewal commissions in 2002.” Your policies and behaviors are very important to your resellers and they almost never forget your failings and your successes. They also understand the pressure that channel executives are under to demonstrate accelerated revenue growth and return on investment. Don’t expect them to be surprised by your need to report pipeline and closed revenue based on investments you are making to support their success. They know you both have to demonstrate a good return on your investment if they are to get any additional support funding.

Share your own goals and your internal funding performance requirements in an open and collaborative fashion to build trust and a mutual commitment to success. Your channel resellers certainly have good insights into how they can help you achieve these goals and are very willing to share. Collaboratively built plans that will invest in your resellers and generate a return are the most likely to succeed because all parties have a stake in the process.

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