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Partner Portals are the Cake and Channel Enablement Tools are the Icing

Cake and Icing

Channel executives are looking for tools to help make their brand more attractive to their reseller partners. Partner portals, PRM systems, and partner centers promise a one-stop-shop experience for reseller partners to access the channel enablement tools and resources to help them grow revenues, build marketing programs, educate their teams on how to support and sell their products and earn growing revenues. These partner portal / PRM systems are critical to help manage the full reseller life-cycle from the new partner on boarding stage to mature highly successful partners. But it is possible to go even further to help build deeper partner commitment levels, help them build profitable marketing programs and help resellers close more sales deals.

Partner Portals

To create the perfect dessert for partners, you need to combine the best available partner portal solutions with the best available partner performance enablement tools. This requires that every partner’s need on the checklist below is accounted for by your integrated partner support systems.

Channel Enablement Tools

This model can work for existing PRM deployments and new partner portal upgrades combined with partner enablement tools. Ask yourself each of these questions to determine if your partner portal and supporting tools provide the full portfolio solutions for your partner program. You can also assess your partner technology strategy by taking this two minute assessment.

Partner Portals provide the essential tools to operate an effective channel growth program. Channel enablement tools can supercharge your partner program to accelerate commitment levels, investment in growth and improve sales close rates. Here is a summary of the capabilities of best practice channel enablement tools that complement any partner portal / PRM system.

1) Reseller / Partner Business Growth Simulation Tool:

  • Gain Greater Growth Commitment from Channel: A 10 minute web-based tool to create custom growth and profitability plans with resellers / partners
  • Multiply the Efficiency and Effectiveness Levels of Channel Account Managers (CAM’s): Dramatically expand coverage models for coaching and supporting a much greater # of partners with limited CAM resources.
  • Turn CAM’s into Business Consultants with Little Training: Enable CAM’s to deliver customized financial, business and market consulting services with minimal special training.
  • Fully Integrated / Planning and Channel Management Front End for SFDC: A powerful SFDC channel planning, forecasting and management tool for instant QBR’s and forecast reporting

2)      Reseller Marketing Assessment, Forecasting, ROI and Budgeting Tools:

  •  Strategy Summary: Summarize a partner’s market strategy and strengths & focus
  •  Process & Capabilities Assessment:   1-100 score on key marketing processes & capabilities
  •  Budget & Forecasting Tool: Define marketing tactics and generate a forecast and budget
  •  ROI Calculator: Estimate “marketing’s contribution to revenue” and ROI

3)      Reseller Sales / Business Case Selling and Proposal Tools:

  •  Custom Proposal in 10 minutes:  A web-based tool to create a custom proposal in 10 minutes  organized around a prospect’s needs and requirements.
  •  Custom ROI and Business Impact in 10 minutes:  A calculated ROI and summary of other business impacts of the solution selected for the prospect in 10 minutes.
  •  Turn Reseller Sales into Consultative Sellers with Minimal Training:   Reseller sales with limited training leverage this expert system to deliver professional consultative selling solutions.

In the end, a channel executive’s goals are to start with the partner’s needs and build support capabilities to help maximize their success and motivation.   The most successful partner programs include a combination of well-designed portal systems integrated with best-in-class channel enablement tools to attract and motivate the best partners.

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