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Help your Resellers with the Last Mile of the Sale


The “last mile of the sale” is defined as helping move interested prospects from modestly or actively interested to a signed PO and closed deal. This is the toughest and most sensitive phase of any sales process. Buyers need rational and emotional assurances that purchasing now is the right decision. On the rational front, your resellers need resources to get these interested buyers to commit to a purchase. They are looking for tools like a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculator to estimate the product, service, energy, and support costs of your solution versus their current or competitive solutions. This can provide the financial rationale for investing either capital or expense budgets on your solution. They are also looking for market statistics that support investing in your solution, handling objections tools to overcome purchase barriers, and competitive assessments to compare your solution at a feature level to alternatives.

Your resellers are looking for exhibits and tools to highlight your brand’s equity strengths of trust, market leadership, quality and value. These intrinsic values help overcome certain buyer uncertainties about feature and functionality differences. Branding assurance tools can take the form of brand comparisons, market reputation statistics, customer satisfaction summaries, and brand or company ratings from analysts or other third parties.

Your resellers need your help to get their prospects “over the hump” from interested to committed-to-buy. A few thoughtful tools, statistics, calculators, and insights can make all the difference in closing more deals.

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