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Five Success Factors for Assessing your Channel Technology Tools


Any successful executive will tell you that a well-defined strategy is the key to growing channel revenues. Evaluating channel technology investments needs to be done in the context of how it supports your strategy.   This article defines the five success factors that should be considered and evaluated in order define an optimal technology-enabled channel strategy. Key Technology-Supported Channel Strategy Categories:

1)Reseller Lifecycle Planning and Management

2)Reseller Portal and Enablement Strategy

3)Reseller Sales Business Case Selling and Reseller Business Growth Planning

4)Reseller Portal Integration with

5)Reseller Performance Management

Each one of these channel strategy areas require that you have a thoughtful plan, including goals and measures, for performance management. Channel technology tools support the execution and achievement of these strategies.   Successful Channels has created a two minute assessment to compare your channel technology tools with best practice methods for achieving rapid channel growth. Click here to assess how your channel technology strategy measures up to proven best practices from hundreds of other peer channel organizations: Channel Audit: Architect Your Channel Technology This audit will do an evaluation of your current channel technology capabilities in each of the five categories. Below is an example of a detailed assessment of one area:


This assessment is designed to help you inventory all your business processes that can benefit from the use of technology, and help you pull together an overall improvement plan. For each area, you’ll be given a 1-100 score based on the practices your organization is using. This assessment can help you build a priority improvement plan for your channel business. The mistake that some channel executives make is they lead with the technology purchase and never seem to get around to defining the hardworking strategy. A new channel technology tool without a thoughtful strategy is like a football quarterback telling his players to “just go out there and play”. It just doesn’t work- a technology tool on its own without a strategy behind it is a recipe for failure. When you click to assess your channel technology strategy, you’ll also find five other assessments for each of the 6 A’s of Successful Channels. The Successful Channels team has conducted an extensive study of the actions and strategies of winning companies and compiled a range of best practices for the Six A’s.  Successful Channels has published white papers, blog posts and assessment tools organized around these Six A’s for your review on our website. This study has defined 30 key success factors for building a world-class channel program.

The Six A’s of Successful Channels:







Once you take your “Architect” assessment, take two more minutes for each of the other channel assessments. Each report will be emailed to you and can be accessed via a personalized link. Learn from hundreds of channel executives who have built successful practices and processes for driving strong revenue growth by mastering all six A’s of Successful Channels.

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