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Successful Channels Enabling Technology Tools

Successful Channels offers a range of enabling technology tools that are configured to deliver your channel strategy

  • Successful Channels Reseller portal system for managing all aspects of your channel program
  • Business case selling tools to help reseller reps execute professional needs-based selling
  • Business simulation tools to help your resellers model their investment and ROI outcomes of supporting your brand

Reseller Portal and Success Center:

This is a sophisticated web-based reseller portal system to manage and deliver a range of reseller tools, resources, programs, and funding opportunities for enabling accelerated growth.This includes reseller application and approval, onboarding, content management, deal registration and sales automation integration

Value-Added Partner Portal Features:
This includes special bid pricing, MDF / Coop, training and certification, social integration, reseller incentives and gamifaction, channel inventory, channel POS, warrantee registration, and Reseller Events

Reseller Business Case Selling Web Tool:
This is an interactive, web-based business case solution “imagination” tool that helps resellers simulate the possibilities of your brand’s solution to end customers. Additionally this tool delivers real time / customized proposals complete with customized configuration, ROI, and other deployment recommendations

Reseller Business Simulation ROI Tool:
This is an interactive, web-based application to help resellers simulate their business model, financial forecast, revenue, pricing, product and services packaging, gross margin, profits and ROI based on an expanded commitment to your brand


Summary Channel Tech Web Tools

  • Reseller Portal
  • Value-Added Portal Features
  • Reseller Business Case Selling Tool
  • Reseller Business Simulation ROI Tool