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Successful Channels Implementation

Hands-on Channel Strategy Implementation Support:

  • Channel program development and implementation
  • Channel reseller training and implementation
  • Channel technology selection and implementation
  • Channel management sales team enablement
  • Channel communications development and execution
  • Channel recruiting and reseller activation

Detailed Deliverables:

Channel Program Development and Implementation:
Successful Channels can help develop the detailed policies, programs, performance incentives and metrics to implement a best practices channel program for your brand

Channel Reseller Training and Implementation:
Successful Channels can train your resellers on how to utilize these new policies and programs to maximize their business growth

Channel Technology Selection and Implementation:
Successful Channels can help specify and select the best channel technologies (e.g., partner portal, deal registration, funds administration, partner acceptance, revenue and ROI tracking and demand generation)

Channel Management Sales Team Enablement
Successful Channels can turn your channel sales team into a high performance growth unit that help drive channel revenue

Channel Communications Development and Execution
Successful Channels can help build and implement a motivating channel communication plan to drive channel revenue

Channel Recruiting and Reseller Activation:
Successful Channels can help set up, manage and execute your channel reseller recruiting program along with get less active partners to become more active in selling / supporting your brand


Summary Deliverables:

  • Channel Programs
  • Channel Training
  • Channel Technology
  • Channel Communications
  • Channel Activation