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Successful Channels Strategy

Based on your audit, Successful Channels will build a detailed improvement plan for achieving accelerated growth

  • Detailed plan for each “A” of Successful Channels
  • Time-bound quantifiable and measurable goals
  • A technology plan to support achievement of blueprint Define a consensus-building action plan for accelerated channel growth

Detailed Deliverables:

Relevant, Attainable, Measurable, Channel Goals:
Hardworking set of channel goals including number of total and active resellers, goals for each reseller, competency definitions, and performance expectations

A Channel Strategy Blueprint for Accelerated Growth:
A detailed channel strategy including program requirements, program types, program performance metrics, organization and staffing strategy, and overall resource strategy

Channel Technology Strategy:
A detailed recommendation of the type of integrated technologies required for partner management, partner tracking, expense and incentive management, payment management and demand generation

Channel Program Details to Support Refined Strategy:
The development of your channel program strategy to support compliance, performance management, reporting, certification, reporting and incentives

Channel Budget and ROI Forecast:
A draft channel revenue, expense, program budget, and ROI forecast / business case justification for your annual channel program


Summary Deliverables:

  • Channel Goals
  • Channel Strategy
  • Channel Technology
  • Channel Programs
  • Channel Budget