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Successful Channels Performance Measurement

An ongoing, real time performance measurement system to monitor and report all elements of channel success

  • Pipeline revenue tracking and reporting
  • MDF / Coop Revenue generation and reporting
  • Reseller competency and motivation / engagement reporting

A comprehensive reporting system to monitor all aspects of indirect channel success

Detailed Deliverables:

Implementation of Comprehensive Channel Performance Dashboard:
Successful Channels will design, implement and help manage a comprehensive performance dashboard in conjunction with channel tech vendors

Performance Management Strategy for All Channel Stakeholders:
Successful Channels will define an overall channel performance management strategy for helping motivate and monitor all channel stakeholders for maximizing revenue and profitability growth

Channel Funds Performance Measurement:
Successful Channels will build a performance measurement system and process for more effective management of channel demand generation funds

Channel Reseller Assessment and Performance Measurement:
Successful Channels will help assess reseller performance and measure and report on individual and aggregated channel reseller performance

Channel Sales Assessment and Performance Measurement
Successful Channels will help assess the strengths and improvement opportunity areas to get the most out of your channel sales team

Market Assessment and Brand Strength Reporting:
Successful Channels will monitor your success and your perceptions in the marketplace to help strengthen your position as a leading channel vendor


Summary Deliverables:

  • Channel Dashboard
  • Channel Performance
  • Channel Funds
  • Reseller Performance
  • Sales Performance
  • Market Assessment