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The Ultimate Channel Chief Success Scorecard

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We just completed a two year survey of hundreds of channel partners, channel managers, channel chiefs, and senior company executives where we asked what was most important to them for their individual and channel’s success.  We then asked all respondents to rate how well their company’s channel program or their supplier’s business is currently performing on all the attributes they identified as important.   The findings revealed several interesting strength and improvement opportunity areas for a typical company’s channel program.  The findings of this research was presented at the Channel Visionaries conference in Santa Clara, California on June 2nd.  Download this breakthrough report below which summarizes the results of this extensive study:

The Ultimate Channel Chief Scorecard Presentation

Our two-part study started with qualitative research where we asked respondents from each channel role to define what they valued most.  This was followed by a quantitative study where we asked partner executives how their suppliers are meeting their needs.  Separately, we asked executives within companies with channels how well their channel program was meeting their needs.

Ultimate Channel Chief Scorecard

This comprehensive study of channel and partner executive needs defines how well these requirements are being met.  It is also an excellent roadmap for any channel chief looking to plan a method to accelerate channel growth.


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