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Understanding your Reseller’s Motivations will Help Set Your Brand Apart


It takes a lot of work and a good amount of luck to come up with the newest market innovation that will provide your resellers with a product they can sell while they are sleeping. While your development team is busy working on the next new thing, consider differentiating yourself based on understanding and delivering your channel reseller’s needs better than any other brand. It sure is a heck of a lot easier and just about equally effective in generating new revenue. If you can make your brand the preferred supplier with the top resellers in your market, your organization will get an unfair share of deals just because you made it easier to do business with you.

Becoming the preferred brand starts with a detailed study of your channel reseller’s needs and motivations for their business. Resellers are generally smaller businesses; they tend to focus on what they know and usually work with brands that are easy to sell. They get behind suppliers that understand what they do, have transparent policies, and provide a lot of support before and after the sale. Conducting primary research to determine the top five needs, top five motivations, and the top five goals of your channel resellers can help guide your policy decisions to develop reseller preference. Because you are fighting for time and attention with your resellers, it is good to maintain an inventory of the brands your resellers represent and an estimate of how much they sell of each. Also, maintain an inventory of competencies, market focus, and expertise areas by reseller. This information will allow you to easily develop customized strategies for each individual reseller based on their business focus, preferences, and skills. This knowledge, along with a customized reseller strategy, will help your company and your brand win the heads and hearts of your resellers and separate itself from your competitors.

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