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Web Tools to Gain a Bigger Commitment from Your Resellers


A channel chief’s dream is to have an entire network of resellers who are highly committed and proactive in selling and servicing your brand in their local market.  Just imagine what a larger focus from your resellers could mean to generating accelerated growth for your business.  The challenge your resellers have is that it is difficult to visualize the revenue, profitability, cost, staffing and competitive impacts that your brand can have on their business.  A way to win over your resellers’ heads and hearts  is to help them see what their future can hold.

Providing your resellers with a web-based Business Growth Simulation and ROI tool will help them build their own version of their future.  They can develop their own assumptions for sales, growth, pricing, costs and staffing, and simulate their business profit and loss statement.  They can also build a customized planning dashboard complete with need summaries, goals, measures, financial forecast and ROI that is automatically calculated.  This allows them to do scenario planning at different investment levels and simulate the benefits they’ll receive if they reach the next level (e.g., Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.) within your channel program.

Quotes all Channel Chiefs are Looking to Hear from Resellers:

1  “I can be highly successful by making a bigger commitment to your brand”

2  “It is easy to do business with your brand/company”

3  “Your brand/company will support my success”

What Should be Included in a Best Practice Reseller Business Growth Simulation and ROI Tool?

An optimally designed tool has the following characteristics to help both the channel reseller and the channel sales rep collaborate to build a customized plan for each channel partner:

1)      Self-serve:   This business growth simulation tool takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete, and can be delivered in a self-service format through an authenticated (registration-required) secure webpage.  Tips can be provided to guide the registrant (reseller) throughout the process.   This tool can also be administered by your sales executive with the end customer.  (Note:   The goal is self-service but there is a reasonable chance that many resellers may need their “hand held” as they go through this business simulation tool for the first time.  This tool also allows for an efficient “service delivery model” for your sales team to do this with your Resellers and reaffirm the Your Brand Reseller Value Proposition during this process).

2)      Web-based:   This business growth simulation tool will be delivered in a web format for live registration, pre-loading of reseller data (where available), interactive questionnaire format, business dashboard report format, plus other simulation options (e.g., requirements to get to next level, business impacts of different variables, etc.).

3)      UI design:  The UI design will be responsive to render well on all devices, and build in HTML 5 to deliver the most current and user-friendly experience.  Features of the UI include simplified registration, progressive disclosure, breadcrumb progress tracking, define left steps, and hover controls to guide users with tips.

4)      Registration system:  The system will require annual end user registration and will automatically send your assigned representative a notification when a new reseller signs up to take this tool.

5)      Allow reseller to see examples of completed plan upfront:   Examples of different fictitious resellers Business Growth Simulation Plan Dashboard will be available for view.

6)      Guided – questionnaire driven:   A guided process with breadcrumbs will be provided to help the user move through the business questionnaire in 10-20 minutes.  Recommended / default responses will be provided to help resellers through questions to which they may not know how to respond.

7)      Help resellers define needs:   Diagnostic questions about the resellers’ goals and requirements will be asked to help them define their business needs.

8)      Help resellers discover growth / business possibilities:   Questions will also help resellers identify new growth opportunities they may not have previously considered.

9)      Build a simulated / customized P&L for resellers:   The reseller business growth simulation tool will provide a draft P&L for their business including gross & net sales, gross and net margin, and forecasted EBITA.   This will be built to allow resellers to choose from ranges for estimating revenue forecasts, direct costs, staffing, and other indirect costs.

10)   Build a customized business plan:   Inputs will be gathered and reported for business goals that are time-bound, measurable, relevant, attainable and quantifiable.

11)   Allow for multiple modifications for real time simulations:  Once a final business growth report is generated, a reseller is given the option to modify many of the values to update the simulated report.   Sample advance simulations include:

  1. The amount of revenue that is needed to get to the next status level
  2. The amount of revenue that is needed to get to the subsequent status levels
  3. The option to modify individual values (e.g., # of units sold, staffing levels, other expenses, ) to simulate the impact of these changes

12)   Report designed as a planning dashboard:  The report will provide key financial performance metrics, a detailed P&L of the new business plan, a summary of goals and metrics, and a summary of other benefits received at the revenue level achieved.

13)   Results delivered to “view report dashboard” webpage:    The individual report is delivered in a dashboard format that is rendered based on stored values from the responder / reseller.

14)   Results delivered to user and relevant others at your company via email:   Once the report is completed the results are delivered via email directly to the registrant, the assigned brand’s sales executive, and your company’s program administrator.

15)   Registrations and report data integrated into   All registrations and report links are integrated into SFDC associated with that reseller as another on boarding / activation activity.

16)   API’s for external data integration:   API’s are available to integrate other external data (e.g., reseller contact data for preregistration, past purchase history to be preloaded into reseller report, and ability to append other external data into the existing registered resellers).

Your goal is to get your resellers comfortable and committed to supporting your brand with staff, marketing, sales focus, and other investments.   Your resellers are looking to have more confidence in their future by working with your company and your brand.  This web-based simulation tool will help them create their own future that they can achieve.   Maybe the channel chief’s dream of a committed network of resellers can become a growing reality for the future.

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