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Whitepaper on Activating Your Channel


Activating your channel is the biggest opportunity to generate accelerated revenue for your business this year. For the majority of companies using an indirect channel to sell and service their business, 20 percent of the resellers receive 80 percent of the revenue. Imagine the impact to your top and bottom line if you are able to activate the other 80 percent of your channel network to generate new deals. This whitepaper defines proven practices to activate your passive channel resellers and improve their productivity and revenue generation.
Moving the 80 percent of your channel resellers from passive to active status starts with understanding their needs and motivations. The sooner you can figure out what drives their behavior, the sooner you can get them moving to drive your revenue. Business people like to do things they understand, are comfortable doing, and are confident they can be successful doing. Below is a summary of factors to carefully study about your channel reseller network to help activate their selling and marketing efforts.

What You Need to Know About Your Channel Resellers:

  • Business Needs: Understand their business goals, priorities, success barriers, resource requirements, staffing support needs, training, and marketing support needs
  • Motivations: Understand their fears, concerns about competition, pending regulations, attitudes toward growth, and perceptions about the future
  • Brand’s Sold: Maintain an inventory of current brand’s sold and the role they play in the reseller’s business
  • Brand Sales: Monitor the top three brands that your resellers sell and how they support these brands
  • Skills: Monitor and record the skill levels and specialties of your channel network

Companies / suppliers that understand and deliver on the needs and motivations of their indirect channel network always get a disproportionate share of their attention. If your company can become the vendor that is perceived to understand their needs better than anyone else and can make it easier for them to be successful, you can get a greater share of their time. If you can demonstrate that you are meeting reseller needs and will follow through and deliver on these needs, you’ll be in an excellent position to activate a good number of your passive resellers.

Download the rest of this whitepaper here to learn more about activating your channel.

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