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Whitepaper on Advancing your Reseller’s Skills and Capabilities


Advancing channel partner’s capabilities is the permanent mission for virtually all executives responsible for indirect sellers. Finding a way to make these independent businesses have the same skills, commitment and enthusiasm for your brand is the challenge these executives are trying to solve. But before you can get to the business of making them better, the first step is to define what you consider “success.” This process of expectation setting will guide the entire channel “Advancement” process and focus your resellers on achieving the unified goals you have set out. Below is a summary of hard working success categories to help guide your partner capabilities development program:

Channel Reseller Success Categories:
Revenue: Specify revenue expectations by product / line of business per year.
Reseller Leads: Define the number of reseller generated sales leads that are expected each year.
OEM Leads: Define the number of leads you’ll commit to providing each reseller.
Staffing: Define the levels and types of reseller staffing you expect them to maintain to support your brand.
Metrics: Define the business, financial and operating metrics you expect from each of your resellers.

Communicating these performance expectations in a positive and enabling way can build trust and a belief that you are organized to support their business success. Annual business reviews with individual resellers can help build ownership and commitment with each reseller for their specific metrics. These reviews should contain not only the definition of what they can achieve, but the blueprint for how they can achieve these goals. Linking these interdependent goals is critical within a business planning template. In addition, the process of developing these goals interactively can help build commitment to your brand.

Illustrative annual reseller planning exercise:
1) How many x product will be purchased in your market from any brand in the next year? (e.g., 200)
2) What is a reasonable market share percentage you think you can achieve? (e.g., 20%)
3) What is the number of units and revenue for the next 12 months (e.g., 40 @ $25,000 each or $1,000,000)
4) How many sales leads do you need to generate to meet this goal? (e.g., 10X sales units or 400 sales leads)
5) How many leads can you generate? (e.g., reseller 300 / OEM 100)
6) How many staff members will you need to support? (e.g., 2 sales, 2 support)
7) How will you report your success? (e.g., leads / Mo., Deals / Mo., Product Revenue / Mo., Gross Profit / Mo., Services revenue / Mo., etc.)

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Whitepaper on Advancing your Reseller’s Skills and Capabilities

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