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Whitepaper on Awarding Your Resellers


Channel reseller
Awarding your channel resellers with the right compensation, margin, and incentives will have a significant impact on the sales productivity of your indirect channel. Resellers know that they play in competitive markets where price competition is the common battleground. They are balancing their desire to generate new sales while generating a reasonable margin… just like you are. This whitepaper is designed to help channel executives and your channel resellers cut the right balance between competitive pricing and attractive product margins. It features practices, tools, strategies, and approaches to plan, manage, measure and reward your channel resellers for selling and servicing your target customers with your products.


Awarding your channel resellers with healthy profit margins starts with a strong plan. The adage of “plan-your-work and work-your-plan” is relevant for channel resellers. If they don’t have a plan, they don’t know what they are shooting for and have no compass to guide their decision-making process throughout the year. Helping resellers plan more effectively can improve their chances of success and build interest and preference for your brand. Consider offering reseller business planning workshops, and provide planning tools to help them define a customized plan for their business to guide success.

Elements of a Well-Designed Reseller Planning Toolkit:

  • Local Market Analysis: Provide tools to help resellers define the local market size, number and profile of target customers, and a target list development strategy.
  • SWOT: Provide tools to help resellers identify their own strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities to guide their market plan
  • Positioning: Provide tools to help define their target market (unique group), frame of reference (what their solution replaces), and point of difference (what makes them unique to that target)
  • Goal Setting: Provide templates for SMART goal setting (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound)
  • Performance Measurement: Provide resellers with tools and methods to help them track their progress in achieving their goals (# and size of deals, gross margin, net margin, ROI, etc.)

Download the rest of this whitepaper here to learn more about awarding your channel resellers.

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